Mumbai at dusk

On my very recent travel to town managed to capture the Worli sea link. I wouldnt say its a pretty picture, but it explains the imagery of the city. Amidst the great technology and development lies the recession of the water leaving a dry and arid land.
Much of the city is now landscaped by the very same picture. Beautiful architecture dotting the suburbs and town areas of the city, with little or no water. What's left of it is a parched, thirsty land waiting for the rains. Mumbai at present is HOTTTT, and not just desert hot, but sweaty HOT and sticky HOT. The weather described by most adults celebrating their diamond jubliees is the hottest they've ever known.
Yet as with the rest of the concerns of the city, nobody really cares. Everyone' s still doing their own thing, whether it affects them or not. What the image doesn't capture here, is the scores of children buying their balloons, the families sharing a picnic meal and youngsters like me and my girlfriend strolling, talking and laughing as we stand across on the promenade. That is Mumbai city at dusk after a hard days work, leaving behind the worries of the day and enjoying the precious few joys of the city which are for free.
P.S pic taken at Dr Ambedkar park, Dadar


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