Kalaghoda festival, 2013

one of the displays
I am truly not a fan of festivals, never been to them in the past. But since we needed to fill the time before supper, Alfie one of my colleagues decided it would be the best past time. And it lived up to the vivid imagery in my mind. You may say I am easily impressed and yes that's true. But what dumbfounded me was the colour, brights hues of green , pink in its variety, reds, purples, greens- it just colored my spirit that for a while has been dead to the very presence of a shade. Somewhere my senses have dulled out and only gross movement catches my attention.
people checking fabrics from north India
Once the festival is over, lots of people will blog about the fest, post pics and tell endless stories. Many will say its too simple, too flashy, too this and too that. But for me it was a wake up call. The fabrics, carpets, frames, food, displays, bags, clothes, calendars, paintings, photographs, music, performances, were all a reflection of an imaginitive, creative and thinking India in all its robust vivacity. The draws were huge.
Alfie and Uma my collagues before the Bollywood display
 There will be many pics taken by professional photographers, with beautiful lenses, in wonderful angles and marvellous light. I leave you with a few pics of the kg festival taken hurriedly, weaving through a crowd, jostling for space with my silly phone.
another display on health



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