In conversation with Neelima Vinod

This week instead of letting me rant about all that's not right or left in the world, I decided to talk to Neelima Vinod, author of 'Unsettled.' Neelima has recently been featured on the Indian express in recognition for her literary accomplishments. So lets hear what she has to say this weekend.

Q. Neelima what is Unsettled all about?
 Unsettled is about a woman’s search for love. A couple on the verge of a break up go to an ancient hundred roomed house to look for the Scrolls of Love that could be the elixir that can save their marriage. They come face to face with an Indian femme fatale, a vampire seductress known as a Yakshi. She guards the Scrolls with a ferocity the couple do not anticipate.

The story is part paranormal romance and part oral story telling of myth. In this story the vampire seductress is not just blood and gore; she represents a woman who has so much to give and has been silenced for too long.

Q. Can you share some light on the main characters in Unsettled?

My favourite character is Shankara Shastry, the court poet of five hundred years ago. He’s a man in love with learning and the written word. Poems fly out of his quill and his tryst with the Yakshi changes his destiny.

I talked about the Yakshi but did I tell you that she is a bit of a shape shifter?

Divya is unhappily married to an architect called Raghav. Both of them consult Dr. Ray and he advises them to visit the hundred roomed house.

Q.Is there a character that you yourself hate in Unsettled??

Hate? No I don’t think there is, not at all. Without love, it is very hard to write.

Q. How distant is reality from your writing?

Not that far. Imagination is concrete, sometimes more than so-called reality around me.

Q. Are you a realist or a fantasist?

Strangely both.

Q. Do you think the romance we see in books actually exist?

It does for some people and for some like the Yakshi in the story love is something one must pine for.

Q. The most memorable quote or moment in the book?

Here’s a passage I like when Shankara the poet meets the Yakshi: A woman in white, the woman in Divya’s dreams, the woman her grandmother described, Thathri, unhappy Thathri. She hovered in the air ever so slightly; you could never tell if you didn’t look carefully. Shankara had never seen hair such as hers; Meenakshi’s paled in comparison. Her eyes were lotus buds and he fell into their quicksand depths with a passion. Suddenly he receded into the shadows of his imagination and she was all.
He followed her into the house while a dog howled in the distance.

Q. Can I ask your favourite character the vampire seductress from the book a few questions?
Sure. Fire away.

Q. What is love according to you?

Love is everywhere and I will hold on to the idea of it even if it leaves me cold.

Q Any regrets?

Oh yes. I regret the poems I could not write and the poems I fell in love with. It was a lonely five centuries in the hundred roomed house. Now at least I have my readers.

Q What do you think of your creator?

She must stop sitting with her nose in books and get writing! And she must write poems always. Tell her that.
Well if you want to get in touch with Neelima you can read her blog at or if you want to read more about 'Unsettled' check this out here.
Thanks Neelima. That's all for this weeks folks. Hope you're enjoying the Australian open. I hope Benoit Paire will be the surprising dark horse of this tournament, and all my fav players are through to the next round yay. Well happy weekend all.
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