We're Moving ... To a New Website


Yes! Thank you God for making this possible. I'm now moving to a self hosted website, thank to you, my readers and fans.
Check it out: Pamelaqfernandes.com

After years of blogging and some serious expansion as an author this year, I knew it was time. I couldn't put it off anymore.
So after much trial and error and whole bunch of mistakes, I'm unveiling the site.
For most of you, who are on social media with me, you may have noticed it a while back. But we've been live for some time now, making tweaks and adjustments.

You may be wondering why did I say we?
We because, I've realized that publishing is a business and its only through so much work getting accepted that I've realized how serious a business and how threatened it is.

Its not just me as an author behind this business, its my editors, associate editors, beta readers, first readers, critique partners, voice artists, sound engineers, cover artists, photographers, designers, illustrators and musicians and readers, all working with me to get the best products out there. I'm truly grateful to all these people, who together have worked to build the site and me as an author.

Without these hugely talented people, I'd be floundering.  A big thank you to them.
What's going to happen here? I'm still on the fence about whether I should keep the blog or do away with it altogether. But I'm leaning towards deleting the blog and having it expunged from the annals of the world wide web forever and ever.

The website is still undergoing changes. Tell me what you think about it. Any suggestions would be really helpful.


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